4ème Congrès Mondial sur la Résilience


📅 27 Iun 2018 - 30 Iun 2018 ⏰ Toată ziua

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📌 Palais du Pharo
58 Boulevard Charles Livon, Marseille, France

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Scientific Position

Since the word Resilience was used, there is two thousand years, in the legal field, during trials told by Cicéron and Sénèque the Father, the metaphor of the „new development” was adopted in numerous domains. Indeed, the Resilience interests the researchers and the practitioners of epistemic fields very different: psychology and psychiatry, ecology and socio ecology, social work, rehabilitation, education, functioning of organizations, science of materials, economy, culture, right and international relations.

The interest carried in the Resilience and the important volume of research results accumulated during the years tend to structure at present a science of the Resilience, designed as the science of the functioning of the complex systems subjected to disturbances. At the same time, the psychological Resilience – Which knew an enormous development – faggot and, at the same time, intrigues by the dissonance between its complexity and the fact of being the result of a process involving factors which have nothing exceptional. It pulls, sometimes, an everyday acceptance of the Resilience.

If the development of a science of the Resilience leads to often accessible theorizations only in a circle restricted of specialists, the everyday acceptance is at the origin of formulations of type concept „umbrella”, „variable-geometry” concept, even  „Junk term”. These two opposite trends explain, in good part, the recurring character of the question: ” to what is of use the Resilience? „.

To bring answers to this question, Resilio – international Association for the promotion and the dissemination of research on the impact strength – organize in Marseille (France), from 27 till 30 June 2018, in partnership with the LPED – University Aix-Marseille, the Fourth world congress on the Resilience. On this occasion, researchers and practitioners of all the domains where is used the concept of Resilience can exchange on the professional practices based on the concept of Resilience, draw up balance sheet available „know-how”, to discuss how the theory of the Resilience modified their practices and to determine the future working directions.


Serban Ionescu et Hubert Mazurek

Sursa: https://www.resilience2018.org/welcomeen


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